14. 4. 2021

Soon under a new roof. We will be happy to welcome you in the new production hall

We are expanding our production capacities and will soon be moving to a new production hall in Měnín near Brno. The concept of the hall is simple and fits naturally into the rural landscape, especially thanks to the slim mass and the gable roof. In the front part of the hall there is a presentable administrative part, where we will be happy to welcome you and discuss your project over coffee. Production and storage continue in the back. We also think about the ecology of our operation. We will treat the wastewater in a construed wetland and store the rainwater in the habitat. We will use the natural lake not only for watering the greenery around the hall, but also for improving the physical fitness in the swimming zone.


Your projects get the final shape on precision CNC machine tools. We produce ideas of all sizes on lathes, milling machines and grinders. We handle both common materials and superalloys. Find out the size of parts we machine.


What we connect is hard to disconnect. Given we are speaking about permanent joints. We can weld steel, aluminium and stainless steel. We have machines for TIG, MIG / MAG and MMA welding.

Special and custom production

The highest demands on quality and durability. We specialize in the production of Handwheel from chemically resistant stainless steel for high pressure fittings.

Want to talk about your project without engagement?